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Every student deserves to reach their full potential.

Upcoming Seminars

Professional Development: What We've Learned
May 10, 2017

Professional Development: Learning Together
Jan 24-25, 2017 & Mar 7-8, 2017 & May 16-17, 2017

Mindful Parenting: Peaceful Strategies from Sun-up to Sun-down
Feb 26, 2017

Our Mission

Arete Academy of Exceptional Education is committed to partnering with parents to educate and support twice-exceptional students — gifted students who also have learning disabilities — so they can learn the academic, social and emotional skills needed to overcome their disabilities, reach their full potential and apply their gifts to make lasting contributions to the world.

Enjoying science class project time.

Scenic overlook at Wolf Ridge Nature Center.

"If I were trapped in a snow globe..."

Working on charity donations.

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