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Educational Services

2e students have complex needs and often benefit from a team of professional support. With all of the specialized training and resources required to meet 2e assessment needs, we cannot offer all of the services in-house. What we can do is support families who are looking for the best ways to support their 2e child.

Report Interpretation / $200 per hour

Review and interpretation of testing conducted by another entity; this would include a 60 minute visit with parents or other professionals to help you better understand your child’s test results and to determine a plan for the future.

Educational Consulting / $125 per hour

Consultation with parents, schools, teachers and outside professionals regarding the needs and accommodations necessary to allow Twice-Exceptional learners meet their full potential in their current educational environments.

If you are interested in interpretation or consulting, please contact Molly Dunnigan (email).

Notice: Services provided at Arete Academy are not typically covered by insurance providers. Arete Academy is an educational organization and not enrolled as a provider for any insurance networks.