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Joining Arete

We offer rolling admissions Arete, which means that we're used to students starting at our school at any point in the school year. Most of our students join us from public schools and large independent schools, and it can a little time to adjust to a new environment. We plan transitions on an individual basis with families and students because we know it's different for everyone. 

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Transferring to Another School or Program

We always advise that families take it one year at a time. One month at a time. Whatever feels appropriate! Some of our students stay with us through high school graduation, but some students transition to different schools or programs after spending a year or two at Arete- there's no "right" way to do it. When a student transitions we will work with the new school or programs transition team to make sure they've got all of the information and documentation that they need. 

High School Graduation

Our graduation requirements are very similar to the State of Minnesota's requirements. Throughout each student's high school years, we offer all of the necessary courses to earn the necessary credits to graduate. We do not maintain a consistent course catalog, as we build course offerings around our enrolled students. High school transcripts are updated twice a year and have been accepted by other independent schools, public schools, colleges, and universities as accurate representations of stude


Post-Secondary Readiness

All of our students are unique and their post-secondary plans are too, especially during these odd pandemic years. Most of our students graduate with the necessary grades and standardized test scores to attend college either full or part-time or to enter the workforce. 

Standardized Testing

Arete is able to coordinate ACT testing accommodations with families and we offer on-site testing to facilitate accommodated testing. Our graduates have consistently earned high enough ACT scores to be admitted to four-year universities, with scores ranging from 28-36 in the last three years.

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