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Betsy Gill

Teaching Language Arts to 2e students is no joke- many 2e students are averse to reading and writing while many of them need to have books pried out of their hands- but Betsy is up to the task!

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Past Work

Before getting her teaching certificate at the University of Missouri - St. Louis University, Betsy earned a BA in Sociology at Marquette University. She started her teaching career with middle schoolers in Missouri and then moved into a very large public school upon moving to Minnesota.

A Favorite Teaching Experience

One of Betsy's favorite assignments is studying and writing the hero's journey.  After looking through quest narrative components, students are guided through the writing process to develop their own character who leaves the known world behind to journey to somewhere new.  In the process, they grow and change, returning to their known world new and older.

Personal Life 

Betsy enjoys hiking and hanging out in nature - there are a couple of places around town where she can step off the sidewalk and lose herself in the trees and lakes and creeks that we are so lucky to be surrounded by (yes, even in the winter!) Every once in a while, Betsy's competitive nature is revealed - usually in games of wit or trivia. Betsy enjoys knitting, camping, and reading. She is happy to share book recommendations - although a lot of times her descriptions of books are very sparse so she doesn't give too much away. 


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