Cat Mathieu

Cat sees all of our students for art classes and a portion of our students for American Sign Language (ASL). She has been honing choice-based art techniques at Arete since our second year of operation.

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Past Work

Cat's first teaching position after student teaching at Minneapolis Public Schools was here at Arete Academy.

A Favorite Teaching Experience

One of Cat's favorite art forms to teach is cross-stitch. It's a great combination of traditional art and fine motor practice and it ties in student interest because it's basically pixel art with thread.

Personal Life 

Unsurprisingly, Cat likes to create art. She spends a lot of her time knitting and drawing, baking, cooking, and reading. A friend of Cat's once said that she can be described by five things; 

1. Cats

2. Foxes

3. Disney

4. Birth of Venus (her favorite painting)

5. Pasta


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