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Haley Reese

Haley spends most of her time teaching math, but also provides reading and writing support for our middle school students. She also helps coordinate all of the technology equipment for our school.

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Past Work

Haley joined Arete immediately after finishing her Master's Degree in Elementary Education and student teaching in Minneapolis Public Schools.

A Favorite Teaching Experience

One of Haley's favorite activities from the last few years of school was a paper airplane competition. It's always so fascinating to see what different students create, especially from year to year.

Personal Life 

Haley has recently discovered a love of cooking and baking. Every Sunday, she spends the morning baking sourdough and reading a book. Books have been a love of hers for years and the last few years she has tried to focus on audiobooks so she can get other things done rather than getting lost in a book all day! Haley would also like students to know that she loves teaching math, but no, she does not go home and solve math problems.


Email is the best way to contact Arete staff.


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