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Jamie Teigen

As a staff member who has been at Arete since year one, she has a great deal of experience in figuring out what does and doesn't work for 2e students. She plays an active role in supporting students and teachers in language arts, social studies, and elective instruction. 

Past Work

Jamie started in education as a secondary social studies teacher and after getting her Masters of Education in Literacy Education, she began working in both social studies and language arts to support students. Jamie has taught in public, private, and independent schools and prior to Arete- briefly at a school in the Washington, D.C. area for bright students with learning differences, where she became interested in 2e learner profiles.  

A Favorite Teaching Experience

Supporting enrichment clusters has been a lot of fun for Jamie. She has enjoyed participating in a student-designed escape room, exploring future careers with high school students, and playing a student-created monster-themed card game. 

Personal Life 

Jamie has two kids that keep her busy! When the weather is nice, they like to get outside to camp and hike, explore local parks, or play backyard sports. Jamie's family is looking forward to more things opening up so they can get out of the house and explore other parts of the country! Jamie has a small garden and tries to grow new things each year- still a novice, but enjoys the process of growing things at home!


Email is the best way to contact Arete staff.


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