John Burrell

John has the fortune of teaching science at Arete- a consistently surprising and informative experience with 2e learners. John also teaches high school math. 

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Past Work

Prior to working at Arete, John spent four years teaching in public schools- most recently in the Robbinsdale school district.

A Favorite Teaching Experience

To meet the learning needs of our pre-calculus students, John worked to form a formal partnership with Arizona State University in fall 2020. This partnership granted Arete students access to math curricula that afford them appropriate levels of structure and clarity, as well as the opportunity to earn college credit in high school. This needs-based approach to student curriculum epitomized the ability of Arete Academy to partner with students and families.

Personal Life 

While detesting gym class as a kid, John finds a steady regimen of running and crossfit keeps him feeling his best. John is training for the Twin Cities Marathon in October 2021. John also loves drinking coffee, reading, and exploring interesting ideas and solutions to complex math and science problems.


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