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Leah Brzezinski

Leah is a tireless supporter of Arete Academy and its students. She works hard to seek out opportunities; physical and experiential to help the Arete staff serve their mission- to educate bright students who learn differently. 

Past Work

Leah has worked with children and adults in various settings including schools, hospitals, and clinics. Her positions have included: special education teacher for students with autism spectrum disorders, speech-language pathology, and special education administrator. Prior to founding Arete Academy, Leah was the Coordinator of the Autism Clinic and Diagnostician at the University of Minnesota.

A Favorite Teaching Experience

Leah coordinates an Equine Assisted Learning Enrichment Cluster in coordination with (ranch name). Students who participate in Equine Assisted Learning have the opportunity to go to We Can Ride in Medina, MN to perform care and practice groundwork with a group of horses. Students can learn a lot about themselves by watching closely how the horses respond to different types of communication and stress levels. 

Personal Life 

Leah has five children who joined her family from Korea through adoption. She loves traveling and experiencing food, culture, music, and natural settings. Leah has a passion for living things, which is very clear when you learn how many animals there are in Leah's family: five dogs, two cats, two birds, three horses and one goldfish!


Email is the best way to get ahold of Arete staff.


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