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Molly Dunnigan

As Arete Academy's Operations Director, Molly is responsible for juggling a variety of important functions; school communications, billing and tuition, and organizing many elements of the day-to-day procedures that make Arete work.

Past Work

Molly taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students for eight years. For seven of those years, she taught at a school called Deephaven Academy, which she played an active role in founding. 

A Favorite Teaching Experience

When Molly was in the classroom, her favorite times spent with students were spent in one of three ways. One would be in large group discussions where everyone is contributing their thoughts and ideas--especially when she would read to the class and then pause to ask opinions or questions and students would come up with the most thoughtful, thought-provoking, funny things to say. Another favorite type of classroom experience for Molly was when she would introduce a new concept by being as animated and energized as humanly possible to try to get students so intrigued that they couldn't wait to learn more... students often pick up on that energy and matched her excitement- so much fun! Lastly, Molly absolutely loved working one-on-one with students at her desk or theirs. Students need and love that one-on-one time. You can really get to know the student while helping them and encouraging them. 

Personal Life 

 Molly has a three-year-old named Frank and a one-year-old named George. They enjoy taking walks to Caribou, playing, and doing art projects. Molly likes to be active and go places, watch movies, and explore new restaurants with her kids and her husband Dave. 


Email is the best way to reach Arete staff.


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