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Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures for 2020-2021

Morning Drop-Off (8:30-8:45)​

  • Arete families use the drop-off loop on the north side of campus to drop students off at school.


  • There is a parking strip in the drop-off loop. Arete families share this parking strip with Sabes JCC Early Childhood Center (ECC) staff. ECC staff aim for one half of the parking strip, leaving the other half for Arete families. (See the image below- ECC staff aim for the spots in the blue box).

  • Arete parents may pull into any open parking spot. Students can hop out of the car from the parking space and then walk through the crosswalk to get to school. Parents can then pull out of the parking space and exit through the drop-off loop.

  • An Arete staff member will be present outside to help facilitate drop-off.

  • If you arrive after the drop-off window (8:30-8:45) please call the Arete mainline (952-737-7601) or email the Attendance email ( so that we may come let your student into the building. The ECC may still have doors propped open, but please wait to release your student until you've connected with Arete staff.

Copy of Arete_ECC Drop-Off Parking.jpg

Afternoon Pick-Up (2:55-3:10)​


  • Arete families do not use the drop-off loop for afternoon pick-up. Instead, Arete families should find a parking place in the "lower" parking lot, the lot just before the drop-off loop. The parent/guardian doing pick-up should aim to park in the spaces along the curb if possible.

  • An Arete staff member stands on the sidewalk in front of the lower parking lot spotting which parents have arrived to pick up their student. With such a small student community it's pretty easy for Arete staff to recognize parent/guardian vehicles. 

  • Once a parent/guardian has arrived, that "parent spotter" staff will use a walkie-talkie or cell phone to tell teachers up in the building which students to dismiss. When dismissed, students will walk from the building down to the lower parking lot.

  • Parents/guardians should aim to arrive by 2:55 or 3:00 so there is ample time for students to prepare to exit the building.

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