Mission, Vision, and Values

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Our Mission

Arete Academy of Exceptional Education is committed to partnering with students, parents and the community to provide a nurturing environment for gifted students who learn differently.  At Arete, each student’s unique gifts are recognized and celebrated, and their learning differences are accepted and supported. Students experience a sense of belonging and build self-esteem through programming focused on strength-based learning, flexibility, educational technology and a commitment to embracing the whole child.  We strive to meet each student’s academic, social and emotional needs, encouraging them to reach their full potential and apply their gifts to make lasting contributions to their community.

School Vision

To provide a supportive and challenging environment for bright students who learn differently.

School Values


We demonstrate respect for ourselves by engaging in opportunities to build self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-advocate; We demonstrate respect for our community by treating our physical space and materials with care and behave in a way that allows others to learn and help teachers to support all students.


We contribute to our school community by acknowledging and cultivating our individual strengths. We use our strengths in positive ways to support those around us.


We understand that in order to earn a deep understanding of self and others in our community, we must support the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional growth of everyone in our community.


We understand that our individual life experiences influence our views, behavior, and path to our success. We acknowledge that we all have areas for growth and development in our lives and when we are faced with a challenge or disagreement, we respond with empathy, understanding, and persistence.