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Although she didn’t know it at the time, Arete Academy’s founder, Leah Brzezinski, has been working towards opening our school for quite some time. With 20 years of experience in autism education, speech pathology, and special education, she grew the skills necessary to reach a wide variety of students with unique learning needs.

When Leah’s oldest son began struggling academically, socially, and emotionally at the end of fifth grade in a public school, she got to work applying her unique professional skill set. Through testing and personal exploration, she came to understand her son was a twice exceptional (2e) learner. As she explored programs for her son, she found that there were only a few schools in the country that are designed to meet the needs of 2e learners, none of which were in the midwest. Leah set out to start her own school— and her mission was clear — provide a supportive and challenging environment for bright students who learn differently.

Arete Academy opened its doors with four students in the fall of 2014. We started the fall of 2018 with 24 students and significant growth in tutoring, professional learning, program development, and services to support the needs of 2e learners.