Jamie Teigen

Assistant Director and Reading/Writing Specialist

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Jamie is a reading and writing specialist, mentor teacher, and program director at Arete. As program director and member of the school’s leadership team, she is leading the school’s accreditation efforts, professional development program, and works to support teachers and students to create the best environment for 2e learners. She believes in life-long learning and enjoys the challenges and rewards of trying new things. She is especially excited about Arete’s enrichment program and helping students find what brings them joy and success.

Jamie uses creative strategies to teach reading and writing. She uses an individualized approach to literacy intervention and caters strategy development to the unique needs of her students. She strives to use student interests and passions to engage them in literacy. Her goal is to help every student find something they enjoy reading and to build student confidence in the area of writing.

Jamie received her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and earned her Masters of Arts in Literacy Education from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.


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