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A2E2 working as Arete Academy for Exceptional Education has created the following privacy policy to assure parents, students, and every person who participates in activities/events that we are committed to be transparent about our processes to gather information as well as the way we use the data. We also comply with legal court proceedings and subpoenas.

What information are we collecting?

We will collect personal information for registration and contact purposes. Beyond that, some features of this site enable financial transactions through PayPal, which means that we do not collect any of your financial information.

Cookies uses cookies to keep preferences such as well as non-identifiable user specific information, to improve your experience using our site as well as our content.  

Our online privacy policy might change

Occasionally we may change the online privacy policy at any time. Your use of our website and registration page constitute an agreement to these changes. We will post a notice on our Home Page for as long as 30 days indicating that this changes have take place.