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Projects, assignments, and classwork are variable from year to year to match the needs of students in the classrooms. 


Standards and learning targets are derived from Minnesota State Standards, Common Core Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards, and adapted to our students' learning profiles. These standards are the first step- we provide room for students to extend past them and work on flexibility with their skills.

Arete Academy enrolls students in 6th-12th grade.

Whole Child

Unique learners require a unique approach and unique instruction.

Engaging Ideas

Our students ask big questions and have big ideas. Our teachers know that one of the best ways to get them engaged with learning is by providing curriculum that is complex without being complicated. 

Strengths- Based Learning

Our students have phenomenal strengths and considerable talents. We aim to build an environment that encourages students to practice their strengths and develop their talents.

Personalized Curriculum

Our students are all unique people. Our teachers actively pursue opportunities to incorporate student interests and curiosities into curriculum.

Individualized Support

We feel it is important to customize learning supports on an individual basis.

Four Parts

Assistive Technolgy

Our school uses 1:1 technology, meaning that each student has a Chromebook for their own use during the school day. Chromebooks are typically available in all classes, including text-to-speech and speech-to-text. Student web security is monitored through multiple security platforms, including Securly and GoGuardian. ​

504s, IEPs, and more

Students are not required to have a 504 or an IEP to enroll at our school, although some may. We treat these documents as educational data to help us build appropriate accommodations for our students who come with them.​

Each student has an Arete Education Plan (AEP). AEP's are designed to summarize all of the accommodations and practices that are implemented at school to facilitate learning.​

We are happy to help facilitate ACT/SAT testing for our high school students. Appropriate documentation and planning are necessary to take one of these tests with accommodations reflective of our classroom environments (extended time, text to speech, etc).

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