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A school serving bright students who learn differently.

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Sometimes gifted programs are not enough. Sometimes special education services are not enough. Our school doesn't provide more gifted programming or better accommodations... we provide 2e programming. We aim to recognize and celebrate our students' strengths while accepting and supporting their learning differences. Since 2014, we've seen how small group learning, personalized programming, and strong partnerships among students, parents, and staff can improve the lives of our students.

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” 
- Alexander Den Heijer



Student Writing


There’s nothing wrong with 2e kids like our son. He is built in a certain way and we need to embrace his idiosyncrasies and learn to work with them rather than struggle against them.  We were trying to shove him into a system that didn’t work for him, but when you have the patience to create a system that does work with him, it is amazing what he’s capable of.

Students Typing at Their Computers


Before Arete, we were looking at homeschooling as an option and there’s just no way it would have worked for us. Enrolling our son at Arete has had such a positive impact on our son. His attitude has completely changed. He’s talkative, he’s happy, he’s proud, and he’s confident. Our whole family dynamic has changed for the better.

Mixed Material Objects


They teach me in a style that I understand.


It's the friends.

The teachers actually have time to walk around and help all the students and answer all of your questions.


It is a small and interactive school that will be flexible to meet my needs.

They get me and tweak things to help me.

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